SIS POS General Features

  • We provide world-class fine dining.
  • We also take orders for starters
  • Our state of the art kitchen display system makes it more easy, effective and paperless service.
  • Split by check , pax , item , table
  • View table dine in time,last order time & duration dinning.
  • powerful floor plan monitoring , available , print check, join table , dine in and table not clear indicated
  • friendly reports viewer in same screen without exit another screen
  • Cash declaration X/Z reports
  • Time attendance
  • Our automated system helps you to track how a server does his duty.
  • We provide you with audit trail options.
  • Mains and Dessert for kitchen preparation
  • modifier in grouping , by cook type , condiment , serve type , table setting .
  • Reports by chef/cook sales, Bar tender sales
  • bumper system at front end for monitoring dishes pending and serve.
  • Acess Level for voiding/cancellation
  • Training mode
  • Electronic message board for floor crew

Track sales

Multiple payments - Options made easy

Monitor sales trend policy– to be secured on profit

Tax preparation made easy

Split bill conveniently

Controlling information of employees

Manage inventory with ease

Automatic inventory alerts systems favorable for knowing the stock

Export stock levels developed into printable spreadsheets

Customizable or scenario based receipts

Report designer – giving life to design

Get information depicted on the receipts

Print kitchen orders itemized, multiple, instant or to kitchen display units -display the details with informatin

User-friendly - get up to instant result

Staff management – sales monitored for more profit

Integration with external systems

Direct coordination with credit card terminal

Supports dual Point of Sale

Keep track of daily cash flow in your palm

Solve your GST hassles with the help of tax reporting and improvised accounting systems in the market

Automatic menu positioning without depending on design

Table plan implies wider support to dual aspect technology

Cost effective

Design own barcode label – safety measures

Hold open orders in a FIFO method to avoid long queue

Multi-store management – dual option

Remote accessibility a boon to our company

Prevention of Fraud at the Point Of Sale audit