Retail Solution

Want to make smarter business decisions! Have a check on inventory, want to manage your Staff most efficiently, we are here to make your business most customer friendly. If you own a mini market ,a gift store or a grocery store whatever it may we will make the business more lucrative and awesome.

Order on the Go

Customers can now have more options to procure their cravings. Say hello to a faster and more convenient way of ordering without the hassle of queuing up. Place orders anywhere at any time at your own pace.

Adapt to the Crowd

Your employees can better multitask with the support of an all-in-one system. Be on top of the crowd rush by increasing the productivity of your cafe processes with better task management and smooth POS transactions.

Keeping it Running

Stay informed of latest trends to continue providing and satisfying your customers with readily available reporting and analytical features. Predict the demands of your cafe customers to prepare for the days ahead.

There may be different types of items in your store with a variety of ingredients .You need not worry for easy access. Design your own bar code label and print bar codes on each and every item. Then scan the items using a bar code reader at the register. No need to look up. The long Lines at the counter will melt away easily.

Whether one person holds a door open for another is not a question of simple etiquette. It reflects the internal stimulation of acts of social cooperation. All our doors are always open to avoid long queue. We are here to manage any rush at the counter.

We have the systems in place to able to standardize the quality of our communications and products. We have adopted new technology to manage multiple locations. We rely on custom-built software platforms and intranets as collaborative platforms. Our multi store management is very capable.

Pay roll and human resource records also provide a vital audit trial. We observe strictly on regulations laid by the government in keeping records like hiring, termination and pay structure.

We have very effective inventory management system. We track inventories with our multiple store locations and track the products in these locations. You can easily track your product, its cost, margin, and stock value. When you run on low stock immediately issue a purchase order to the supplier.

Your Data on Demand

SIS POS lets you improve your accounting efficiency, inventory tracking and sales management on a real-time basis. With our intelligent Point of Sale system, you are empowered to share your passion.