TTO tablet table Ordering solution

Flexible customization to supply customers
with the ideal solution for every requirement

Improves store efficiency while cutting costs!

Operators of stores must deal with many problems. Employees may abruptly take a day off. Or there may be an error due to too much work. Communicating with foreign customers who speak no Japanese is another issue. ASTA offers a variety of products that target these problems while reflecting the unique business model of each user.

TTO (Table Top Ordering System), e-menu

  • Don’t keep customers waiting and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Sell one more item to customers.
  • Solutions to lower personnel expenses.
  • More functions that increase repeat sales.


More efficient operations

LA smaller workforce

Fewer order processing mistakes

Faster service

More sales

Solutions that raise sales per customer and the quality of services

Able to communicate in several languages

A multilingual capability allows restaurants to serve foreign customers. Menus can be displayed in English as well as other languages that have been selected. First-time users of the unit need only press the i button to see a simple explanation of the menu.

Recommendation function to sell one more item to customers

To raise sales per customer, the unit recommends other selections when an order is received. Restaurant operators can select any other menu items to recommend. For example, there may be a list of the most popular items, a list of other items most often purchased along with a particular item, or a list of items the restaurant wants to sell most.

Recommendation pop-ups (push marketing)

Never misses any opportunity for a recommendation all the way to dessert! Customers see a different menu selection as the meal progresses. For example, there may be a recommended menu after 30 minutes, an additional meal item recommendation after 60 minutes and a dessert menu after 90 minutes.

Real-Time Sales

A countdown for unusual menu items makes customers want to place orders. Kiosks can display limited-time-only items or unusual items with the best possible timing. A countdown can be shown as orders are placed to make people want to place orders quickly. No kiosk before has included this exciting capability that allows restaurants to conduct memorable live events.

The First Order Wizard

The wizard menu enhances customer satisfaction by showing customers items to order first. The first drink and quick menu displays are for customers who want to order something that will be served quickly. This capability increases customer satisfaction and allows restaurants to provide food and beverages to customers faster.

Order Ranking Capability

Displaying items ordered to show popularity makes customers more interested in the menu. Kiosks can show the most popular menu items and a ranking of recommended items to help customers make selections. Rankings can also be used to highlight menu items that restaurants want to sell.


Kiosks invite customers to provide feedback when paying and then process the responses. The paper questionnaire distributed with the bill can be displayed on the screen with the push of one button. Customers use the touch screen to input responses with ease. Restaurants can then use the kiosk to organize and process the feedback.

Designed and built for reliability

The ruggedness expected of a commercial-use product

Units are built to withstand a fall from a height of 75cm, the standard height of restaurant tables in Japan. A protective film protects the unit against dust, water and oily substances.

Customization is possible for adding more advanced functions

All units have a contactless IC reader and users can choose from a large variety of applications for supplying services that meet the distinctive needs of each restaurant.

Long time between recharges

The table units can operate up to 10 hours on a single charge, reducing the possibility of running out of power. For convenience, a single cradle (optional) can recharge many units at once.

Wireless LAN 5GHz compatibility

The units are compatible with both 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless LAN.

Self ordering

Customers can place orders themselves by using MAXNAVI neo.

Multi-unit recharging cradle

This optional cradle can charge many units at once.

QR Code Mobile Ordering

Your restaurant QR Code Pos Menu is much more smatter than you think it is, wherever it may be a either the restaurant table or the hotel room, the guests will have instant access to the digital menu with the scan of a displayed QRcode. How? The proprietor, by himself, will be able to connect the different QR codes to the selling and ordering areas as well as the time SIS POS will be active. Is cutting labour cost system . Benefits to Restaurant & F&B Owner without having larger service floor crew . Customer can easy order from their respective mobile phone selective their food & beverage and online sending to pos system